The Chief Administrative Officer is an executive level position reporting to the General Manager and provides leadership and direction for the Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, and Legal units within Metro. The Chief Administrative Officer is a detailed oriented, people-centered professional with a keen eye for process improvement responsible for the control, guidance, and direction of Metro administrative functions. This position is responsible for infusing racial equity, social justice and inclusion goals, principles, and tools, into all aspects of work at Metro Transit and the City of Madison.

Salary Range: $104,672 – $141,308
Why Metro Transit: Madison is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the country. A flourishing restaurant scene, more than 200 miles of bike paths and trails, excellent healthcare, a world renowned research university, and five beautiful lakes make our community a thriving, vibrant place to call home. Madison was ranked as the #1 best place to live in both 2021 and 2022 by Livability.com.
Metro Transit is a department of the City of Madison but operates regionally through nine separate partnership agreements with surrounding cities, the University of Wisconsin, and the Madison School District. In 2019, Metro Transit provided more than 13 million fixed-route and paratransit rides and has recovered nearly 70% of that as of summer 2022. The region is ranked 24th nationally in ridership per capita for Urbanized Zone Areas over 200,000 people and #5 in the country on WalletHub’s Cities with the Best Public Transportation list.
Metro Transit is leading an innovative mobility program of expanding transit options. Metro is breaking ground on a $186 million Bus Rapid Transit line in late 2022, which is expected to be operational in 2024 and include 46 electric New Flyer Articulated buses. A complete Network Redesign has been approved by the City Council and is planned for implementation in 2023. And Metro is upgrading technology and fare collection systems, while also bringing a second operational facility online.
With a new organizational alignment in place, a portfolio of cutting-edge projects, and a strong culture of transit ridership, Metro Transit is a great place for a strategic, creative, leader to bring expertise and actionable strategies to life.

The City of Madison is committed to fairness, justice, and equal outcomes for all. People of color, people of diverse genders, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Essential Responsibilities and Knowledge:
• Provide overall leadership, strategy, coordination and monitoring of the staff of Metro Human Resources, Finance, Information Systems, and Legal units through subordinate managers.
• Act as the process improvement champion for the organization
• Consider and incorporate racial equity, social justice, inclusion, and belonging in all facets of work
• Responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining Metro administrative policies and procedures, including compliance with City issued Policy Memoranda.
• Coordinate and collaborate with other departments of Metro and the City in establishing and carrying our responsibilities.
• Support all Metro units in navigating Federal, State, and City processes
• Lead Metro Human Resources Unit through subordinate Manager
o Assist in negotiations of Union Contracts and new policies/procedures.
o Administer and comply with established policies with respect to the Union Contract and policies on Equal Employment Opportunity Serve at Metro’s EEO Officer. Implement and oversee Metro’s Civil Rights programs and promotes DEI activities, approaches, tools, and techniques.
o Provide oversight to succession planning and mentoring programs
o Manage Employment Ethics programs and training of employees to ensure a high level of Ethics compliance.
o Oversee subordinate staff in hiring, orientation, leave tracking and paperwork, benefits, discipline, complaint investigations, DBE program establishment and tracking, and training program development and execution.
• Lead Metro Finance Unit through subordinate Manager
o Develop long term budget projections
o Identify innovative financing methods to support future programs and operations
o Oversee subordinate staff through manager and supervisors in budget development, payroll, procurement, accounts payable/receivable, and grants management.
• Lead Metro Information Systems Unit through a subordinate Coordinator
o Champion and sponsor IT projects through the organization intended to improve organizational efficiency
o Coordinate activities with organizational goals and related city departments and policies
o Oversee subordinate coordinator in the development and execution of projects, support for Metro’s technology systems, and interfacing with City IT on policies and procedures
• Oversee Metro Legal Compliance through a staff attorney
• Serve as a member of the Metro Executive Team and act for and on behalf of the General Manager as needed.

Key Competencies & Characteristics:
• Thorough knowledge of leadership tools; including but not limited to, people focused, innovative, strategic thinker and a team player.
• Thorough knowledge of management techniques encompassing the development and implementation of strategic goals and objectives, setting, and evaluating priorities.
• Thorough knowledge of process improvement tools and techniques, typically obtained through Six Sigma or similar programs
• Thorough knowledge of tools and techniques to develop and translate strategic vision into administrative functions necessary for implementation and execution.
• Thorough knowledge of techniques, approaches, and tools to produce a focused, dedicated, high-performance work team among both internal and external stakeholders, with a focus on collaboration, mentoring, nurturing, equity, employee growth and morale, and delivery of exceeded goals.
• Ability to maintain excellent interpersonal relationships, capable of relating effectively to a diverse range of people.
• Thorough knowledge of change management techniques operating at the highest level of the organization.
• Ability to communicate effectively, in multiple modes, including writing, with sensitivity, passion and a focus on unity and equity.
• Knowledge of racial equity, social justice, inclusion, and belonging concepts and principles
• Ability to prioritize continuous learning related to racial equity and social justice.
• Ability to use tools, generate ideas and implement plans to create an inclusive workplace and provide equitable services.
• Knowledge supervisory techniques with a focus on regulatory compliance.
• Knowledge of risk, civil rights/DBE and ethics compliance management practices, procedures, and applicable laws.
• Knowledge of human resources best practices
• Ability to be technologically savvy and use resources necessary to make the organization more efficient and competitive.
• Ability to present before large groups.

• 3 years in a leadership role, including leading a group of people, in a field related to one of the core unit functions.
• 3 years of project management experience
• Experience in a highly regulated environment with compliance of federal/state/local regulations, laws, and guidelines
The incumbent of this position will be expected to attend frequent Common Council and Board of Public Words as well as other public meetings as required. Such meetings generally take place outside the regular workday during evening hours.
Employment will be subject to a five-year employment contract negotiated by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council and a term of the contract requires residency in the City of Madison. Non-residents will be given time to establish residency if necessary.