Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) is seeking an innovative, strategic, and experienced individual to serve as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). DCTA’s services include local bus service in Denton, on-demand rideshare service, University of North Texas (UNT) Campus Shuttles, and a 21-mile commuter rail service connecting passengers between Denton, Highland Village, and Lewisville and onto the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system. Additionally, DCTA provides demand response/paratransit service in Denton, Highland Village, and Lewisville as well as a commuter vanpool service for those living or working in Denton County. The CEO will lead the agency in advancing the transportation alternatives provided by DCTA to improve mobility, air quality, economic development, and livability in the areas they serve.

The CEO is selected by, evaluated by, reports to, and serves at the pleasure of the Authority’s Board of Directors. This individual will perform all the duties assigned by the Board and is responsible for implementing all resolutions/directives adopted by the Board. The CEO will serve as the principal advisor to the Board on all matters pertaining to the welfare and ongoing operations and goals of the Authority and its staff.

The incoming CEO at DCTA will be responsible for the following, in addition to other duties and responsibilities that may arise during the term of the CEO’s employment.

  • Maintain a close working relationship with the Board of Directors, providing advice, counsel, and relevant information on policy issues to enable the Board to make informed decisions. Communicates regularly with the Board of Directors.
  • Provide effective two-way communication and coordination on matters important to the overall policy direction and management of the authority to the Board of Directors and Senior Management. Provide leadership and management to ensure that the mission and core values of the authority are put into place.
  • Directs day-to-day operation of the Authority in accordance with established Board policy and guidelines and applicable laws.
  • Develops, submits to Board for approval, and complies with annual work program and budget. Monitors budget for variances and takes action to correct deficiencies.
  • Establishes/develops strategic goals, actions, and mission of the Authority and recommends to Board for approval. Reviews and approves all policies which are consistent with the goals, actions, and mission established by the Board. Evaluates policies and procedures and organizational structure for effectiveness and recommend changes to meet established goals.
  • Interviews, selects, develops, evaluates, counsels, and if necessary, terminates subordinate personnel according to established policy, procedures, and guidelines to include Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) program goals and objectives.
  • Acts as a resource to and liaison between Senior Staff and various departments within the Authority as well as with external contacts.
  • Represents the Authority to Board and the communities. Responds with sensitivity to the concerns and interests of a culturally, politically, and socio-economically diverse community and workforce. Promotes EEO/AA programs and enforces accountability of Authority staff for the accomplishment of EEO/AA program goals and objectives.
  • Prepares a variety of documents and reports for management and Board review such as resource allocation, budget, activities, status reports, trend analysis, etc.
  • Presents an Annual Report on Authority activities and accomplishments.
  • Develops objectives, plans, programs, and strategic documents for approval by the Board. Prepares drafts of the Authority’s Strategic Plan and provides progress reports at least four times per year to the Board or as requested.
  • With Board approval, executes inter-agency and inter-local contracts and service agreements.
  • Directs, manages, and reviews performance and payment of Board consultants and contractors.
  • Maintains, manages, and releases necessary or required information, records, journals, etc. in accordance with the law.
  • Operates, maintains, and safeguards Authority property and funds.
  • Represents the Authority, as appropriate, with professional organizations, agencies, and regional governmental groups to promote project advocacy, including the creation of project-specific workgroups or partnering with existing organizations for the betterment of regional transit/transportation efforts.
  • Remains current on new industry trends, methods, and technology.


  • Exceptional interpersonal skills to effectively and sensitively communicate with the Board, all levels of supervisory and non-supervisory employees, government entities, media, a culturally diverse community, and others both inside and outside the Authority.
  • High level of analytical skill to find solutions to difficult and highly complex interpersonal, legal, financial, administrative, and unchartered problems.
  • Ability to demonstrate a fiduciary obligation to the Authority and the public in managing resources (human resources, capital, operating resources, etc.)
  • Specific knowledge and experience of intergovernmental relations, the legislative process, federal/state grant programs relating to transportation/transit management, and laws/rules/regulations governing land acquisition, contracts management, construction programs, and modern personnel management.
  • Demonstrated experience and skills directing a regional multi-modal transportation system while developing new ridership markets, expanding system revenue programs, and developing cost containment measures.

Ideal candidates will have a minimum of ten (10) years of experience in general management (public and/or private) to include a minimum of five (5) years directing senior-level staff involved with daily transportation operations, engineering, maintenance, and related administrative functions, or equivalent experience in public agency management.

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Business Administration, Public Administration, Transportation, Engineering, or related field is required. A Master’s degree from an accredited institution in Business Administration, Public Administration, Transportation, or related field is preferred. In lieu of a degree, an equivalent combination of knowledge and experience will be considered.

For more information or to submit a cover letter or resume, please reach out to Gregg Moser, Principal at K&A, at gmoser@kapartners.com.