$157,268.80 – $190,070.40 Annually

Under the general direction of the Senior Director of Transit Operations, this management level position is responsible for the overall management and delivery of Golden Gate Transit’s bus operation throughout its service area, including operational activities at 4 operating divisions located in Sonoma, Marin, and San Francisco counties. This position is further responsible for staff development, dispatching of transit equipment and transportation staff, administrative and budget oversight of operational activities and programs, safety management system and emergency response efforts, and labor relations. Works effectively with other District staff and project teams that support the Golden Gate Transit bus operation and performs other duties as required.


Essential Responsibilities
Demonstrates leadership on a daily basis to help guide the Bus Division in achieving its vision and goals
Leads and manages a team of approximately three hundred inclusive of Transportation Field Supervisors, Dispatchers, Bus Operators, and unit managers
Manages and directs the operation of the Transportation Unit to ensure that bus service is provided as scheduled in a safe, cost efficient manner
Identifies and assigns appropriate resources within the District to support bus transit operations using highly sophisticated technologies
Formulates, publishes and administers operating policies and procedures
Analyzes transportation service problems, accident records and prepares reports and recommendations concerning service improvements and the elimination of accident hazards
Oversees the control of all scheduled equipment entering the various lines and routes supervised
Responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of rules, regulations and policies of the Transportation Unit, the District, and Memoranda of Understanding as well as applicable state and federal regulations governing the operation of public transit systems
Oversees the investigation of complaints pertaining to service and operating personnel; ensures staff is coached, counseled, and/or issued corrective actions/discipline in a timely manner and as defined by pertinent collective bargaining agreements, the District’s Human Resources Guide and/or other District policies
Acts as the District’s liaison with union officials; participates in labor negotiations as a member of the District’s team
Reviews disciplinary action and grievances and may act as the District’s representative in arbitration cases
Participates in the development of the annual department budget, including forecasting future workforce and budget needs
Represents the District at meetings with representatives of government agencies, professional business and community organizations and the general public; may attend meetings with other transit agencies pertaining to all phases of transit operations
Ensures that appropriate safety and health policies, procedures and programs are implemented effectively; adequate resources and priorities are assigned to correcting hazardous conditions, and; applicable safety programs are carried out
Works in partnership with the HR Department on staff development and wellness efforts that allow for employees’ continued professional growth and sense of inclusiveness
Works closely with Bus Division Directors to ensure that Golden Gate Transit services are managed and delivered to the highest standard with respect to safety, customer service, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency and effectiveness
Supports other District staff in project and/or program delivery by providing subject matter expertise in Golden Gate Transit policies, procedures, programs and operations
Knows and follows the safety and health rules and safe working practices applicable to his or her job
Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with District employees, customers, vendors and all others contacted during the course of work using principles of excellent customer service
Performs additional related duties as assigned
Regular and reliable attendance and performance are required


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of: Modern principles of management, administration, supervision and training, budget preparation, and standard business ethics. All applicable state and federal regulations regarding bus transit operations. Workers’ Compensation, FMLA, ADA rules and regulations. Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) and District drug and alcohol regulations. Principles of labor relations and collective bargaining.

Skills or Ability to: Learn, manage, and regularly use sophisticated technologies including Hastus, Init, Swiftly, and other business intelligence and enterprise tools; ability to coach and instruct others on the effective use of technology is necessary. Analyze, address and solve problems effectively, quickly and in cooperation with others, especially in an emergency/crisis situation. Maintain flexible and agile nature and approach to daily operations, in order to effectively manage and address the dynamic nature of bus operations and public transit ridership needs. Manage complex projects from inception through implementation. Make effective decisions under pressure, meet critical deadlines, and follow-up assignments in a timely manner. Motivate and inspire employees to perform to the highest standard. Effectively assign and coordinate work, as well as provide regular constructive and supportive feedback to team members for maximizing performance, morale and organizational wellness. Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with peers, subordinate personnel, and representatives of other organizations. Prioritize and organize work schedules to meet the District’s goals and objectives. Read and interpret Memoranda of Understanding and work effectively and professionally with union representatives. Enforce management policy with respect to operating transit equipment. Use computerized record systems, personal computers, and to learn software programs applicable to the department. Prepare, maintain and analyze a variety of reports and documents. Prepare clear, complete and concise reports for various audiences including the Board of Directors, Executive Management, Mid-managers, and frontline staff. Communicate clearly and effectively, in oral and written form, using correct grammar and spelling. Maintain a high degree of confidentiality. Prepare and deliver informational presentations to various groups ranging from the District’s Board of Directors, to transit associations and community groups.