The Manager, OCS/Traction Power Operations reports to the Director, Overhead Contact Systems.  Caltrain is responsible for overseeing the daily maintenance and inspection of OCS/Traction Electrification Systems infrastructure within the commuter rail service for the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (Caltrain).


  • Serves as an agency subject matter expert for all Traction Electrification Systems/TES related issues to provide expert recommendations and assistance to executive leadership on TES and safety standards, as well as on railroad safety practices and all TES programs.
  • Provides management and oversight of TES activities relating to train operations or maintenance of way employees engaged in TES infrastructure inspection, construction, maintenance, or repair activities.
  • Collaborates with O&M Contractor to develop and maintain the joint programs and plans for the commuter rail system and ensures compliance with regulations.
  • Manages the performance indicators for Caltrain and the actions needed to improve or correct performance and the capture and analysis of TES data, to include employee reported TES concerns, accident/incident data, and trends.  Makes recommendations to O&M Contractor in areas of TES performance in accordance with the contract.
  • Manages the auditing, monitoring, inspection, evaluation, repair, maintenance, installation, and alteration of the 25kV traction power systems for the Caltrain commuter rail service.
  • Conducts audits and certification inspections of structure and equipment when alterations or improvements are made on the alignment.
  • Approves contractor and MOW activity on rail access and monitors adherence to the permitting process and safety rules.
  • Lead all initiatives related to process improvements and change management. Ensure Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are communicated and followed.
  • May supervise staff. Hire, mentor and take appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action. Ensure EEO policies and procedures are followed. Participate in selection of staff. Coordinate staff training and professional development. Establish performance objectives. Monitor and evaluate employee performance.


  • Review operational and safety reports daily to ensure that work is accomplished properly, safely, and effectively within all federal, state, and local guidelines and standards.
  • Works with local first responders, regarding situations related to commuter rail TES safety.
  • Responsible for training on SOP, communicating all policy changes and updates.
  • Plan, develop, manage, and oversee the implementation of operating rules, regulations, and policies for TES.
  • Perform all job duties and responsibilities in a safe manner to protect oneself, fellow employees, and the public from injury or harm. Promote safety awareness and follow safety procedures to reduce or eliminate accidents.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Works under the general supervision of the Director of OCS, who establishes goals and objectives and evaluates performance.


Sufficient experience, training and/or education to demonstrate the knowledge and ability to successfully perform the essential functions of the position. In lieu of a degree, work-related experience that demonstrates the skills and experience necessary to perform this role will be accepted. Development of the required knowledge and abilities is typically obtained through but not limited to:

  • Five (5) years of railroad or rail transit operating experience is required.  In lieu of a degree, nine (9) years of railroad or rail transit operating experience.
  • Two (2) years of management level experience.
  • Valid California Driver’s license with a good driving record


  • Knowledge of railroad operations rules
  • Knowledge of inspection and auditing
  • Two (2) years of experience in electro-mechanical or MOW maintenance of a rail transit systems. FRA-regulated AC high voltage commuter railroad preferred.
  • Qualified Overhead High Voltage Maintainer preferred but Certified Signal / Power, Signal or Traction Power, from other rail modes will be considered.