Manager of Purchasing


Memphis, TN



Start Date

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Closing Date

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Job Description

Provide planning, organization and direction for the activities and operations of the Purchasing Department.


  1. Manage the daily operation of the Purchasing Department and organize necessary activities, programs and objectives set by the Director of Grants and Procurement to meet and evaluate department goals.
    2. Provide information and assistance to MTM departments for the purchasing of supplies, materials, and equipment in accordance with appropriate laws and budget constraints.
    3. Establish and implement procedures and work methods for the department and employees and continuously monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures.
    4. Prepare solicitation documents and interact with department heads or their designees related to the purchasing process.
    5. Assures the User Department prepares detailed purchase specifications to promote a competitive environment and assess “approved equal” products for compliance with specifications for solicitations. Prepare Invitation for Bids/Request for Proposal for formal procurements. Attends pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences; answer vendor questions pertaining to the solicitation document.
    6. Oversee the opening of bids, review bids and make written recommendations on those bids. Answer questions from vendors concerning proposals, bids, and procurement guidelines of MATA. Prepare written responses to vendor inquiries. Analyze bids for responsiveness to contract requirements and document the results.
    7. Review and ensure that the bidding process conforms to MATA procurement guidelines. Evaluate bids and award contracts to the lowest possible and responsive bidder. Direct the purchase of items and services at the most favorable price consistent with quantity, quality, specification requirements, and other factors. Authorize issuance of purchase orders through a developed form.
    8. Oversee the maintenance of filing and record keeping documenting the purchasing activities of MATA. Inspect and evaluate product samples from vendors, consult with vendors and user departments concerning specifications for commodities and services. Direct and maintain follow-up procedures to check the quality of delivered merchandise and appropriateness of invoices. Expedites the receipt of invoices to the Finance Department with proper documentation.
    9. Direct disposal or reassignment of surplus, salvage, or used materials, equipment, or supplies, including selecting an auctioneer, setting a sale date and publishing required legal advertisements; review proposed sale of surplus items to ensure the proposed price reflects a fair market price.
    10. Instruct and train new Purchasing personnel and evaluate departmental personnel through job performance evaluations and merit salary reviews. Work with employees to correct deficiencies and administer disciplinary action when warranted. Encourage/assist in cross-training of Purchasing Department employees.
    11. Analyze future personnel staffing needs and develop short and long-term plans to meet those needs. Allocate manpower needs and select appropriate personnel for those manpower needs.
    12. Develop and implement a computerized inventory system. Oversee and train personnel on the use of the computerized Purchasing Module.
    13. Assign formal procurement projects to Contract Administrators according to their workload.


    1. Interview prospective vendors.
    2. Assist MATA’s DBE Officer in improving MATA’s DBE participation by soliciting bids/quotes from certified DBEs.
    3. Perform duties of other Purchasing personnel as needed.
    4. Assume additional responsibilities as required.


Education: Bachelor’s degree required in Business Administration, Accounting, or related field. Overall experience may be considered in lieu of advanced education.

1. Minimum five years progressively responsible experience in Purchasing.
2. Must be seeking or possess a CPM.
3. Must possess experience with automated inventory and purchasing system; knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local purchasing laws and regulations; operate personal computer equipment.
4. Comprehensive knowledge of markets, market prices and availability of products; business contracts.
5. Considerable knowledge of computerized inventory control systems and accounting principles.
6. Must be able to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing.
7. Must be able to speak and comprehend English.
8. Must possess strong oral, written and communication skills; must possess supervisory skills; possess a valid driver’s license.
9. Must possess strong organizational and analytical skills.
10.Requires ability to handle numerous activities at one time.
11. Ability to comprehend and interpret federal, state, and local purchasing regulations.
12. Must be willing and able to comply with MTM’s D&A policy.
13. Regular and consistent attendance is necessary.
14. Must always comply with safety and COVID protocols.

1. Extensive sitting, standing, or walking are required during a normal workday.
2. May be required to lift, push, or pull 70 lbs.; overhead lifting and reaching.
3. Requires ability to withstand exposure to weather conditions, dust, engine fumes and extreme noise levels.
4. Flexibility of fingers required for data entry.
5. Ability to view visual display terminal for extended periods of time.
6. Requires ability to hear telephone and directions given; visually perform essential functions for satisfactory job performance.