The Manager, Rail Compliance will report to the Director, Rail Operations, and is responsible for overseeing and evaluating the Caltrain commuter rail service operations and operating rules, complies with stakeholder agreements, funding oversight protocols, project management plans and procedures, and environmental clearance requirements.


  • Responsible for contract and regulatory compliance for rail operations.
    • Ensure compliance with the Construction & Maintenance (C&M) Agreements with 19 cities and counties along the Caltrain corridor.
    • Develop and finalize Caltrain service and operating plans through coordination with Rail Planning and Contract Operators.
    • Manage the day-to-day Caltrain customer experience; respond to operational and customer service issues.
    • Monitor and audit contract operator operational and regulatory performance.
    • Supervise staff. Hire, mentor and take appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action. Ensure EEO policies and procedures are followed. Participate in selection of staff. Coordinate staff training and professional development. Establish performance objectives. Monitor and evaluate employee performance.
    • Provide immediate (24/7) interface with contract operator for operational, and customer service issues. Participate in the daily morning call with the contract operator.
    • Monitor operator performance on safety, efficiency testing, standard operating procedures, and emergency operations planning.
    • Evaluate contractors to determine performance fee payments for services rendered.
    • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of train service delivery, operating plans, and public timetables.
    • Monitor, evaluate, and report on rail operations, on-time performance, ridership, customer satisfaction, and contractor performance/compliance.
    • Evaluate operating and service plans for special events and oversee their implementation.
    • Analyze performance reports, operational and customer service trends, and identify programs for improvement.
    • Collaborate with Government and Community Affairs and Customer Service to address customer issues.
    • Member of the Caltrain Operating Rules Committee, to review and approve rule changes.
    • Make presentations in a variety of forums to governing boards, the public, and advocacy groups.
    • Evaluate job performance of staff including professional development through the identification of on-the-job training and other professional development opportunities.
    • Perform all job duties and responsibilities in a safe manner to protect oneself, fellow employees, and the public from injury or harm. Promote safety awareness and follow safety procedures to reduce or eliminate accidents.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.


Sufficient education, training and experience to demonstrate the knowledge and ability to successfully perform the essential functions of the position. Development of the required knowledge and abilities is typically obtained through but not limited to:
• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Transportation Planning, Operations Analysis, or related field.
• Five (5) years of full-time experience in commuter rail operations, and train control systems
• Two (2) years of experience managing or directly supervising staff.
• Must be able to respond to service and operational emergencies on and around the active railroad 24/7 and in a variety of weather and road conditions.
• Valid California driver license with safe driving record.
• Experience with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations.
• Effective written and oral communications skills.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.