TriMet is seeking a Principal Project Manager in Engineering & Construction Vehicles

Our Engineering, Construction, and Planning Division is looking for a principal project manager to support the team with new and existing projects and technical support for our existing fleets of vehicles.

Vehicle Engineering not only leads the procurement of TriMet’s shiny new sixth generation light rail vehicles, but also supports an existing fleet of 145 LRVs and six commuter rail cars. Our team ensures new vehicles are designed and built to our specifications and holds our suppliers to a high standard of quality. As existing equipment ages it takes tenacity and creative problem solving to ensure TriMet maintains a high standard of safety and reliability over the decades the vehicles remain in service.

Our department works closely with rail maintenance, rail transportation, safety, information technology, engineering and construction civil teams, and program management to ensure excellent service to the riding public.

Your role as Project Manager, Principal, is to work alongside a diverse group of engineers and deliver a portfolio of vehicle engineering projects. The scope and scale of the projects vary from vehicle acquisitions, retrofits, modifications, reverse engineering of obsolete components, evaluating vehicle performance, to working alongside IT to develop and deploy cutting-edge rail vehicle technology.

Your responsibilities will include managing new and ongoing projects, preparing contract documents, monitoring contract performance and ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget, and within specifications.

Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work. Perform related duties as required.

Serve as a good steward of TriMet by regularly utilizing our transit system to maintain a strong and current understanding of customers’ experiences and of TriMet’s product and service offerings.

Salary Range: $106,163.00 – $159,245.00

Essential Functions
1. Develops requirements, specifications, and drawings for all aspects of light rail vehicle systems and associated hardware. All design work will be performed under the supervision of a Professional Engineer, licensed in the State of Oregon.

2. Evaluates the functional feasibility, design, and reliability of various electrical and mechanical systems, equipment, and hardware associated with existing and future rail vehicles. Coordinates with other TriMet engineers, staff, and consultants to insure compatible designs.

3. Administers or assists with the administration of various contracts relating to the procurement, installation, testing and start-up of rail vehicles and vehicle related systems, hardware, software and equipment. Writes contractual correspondence, interprets contractual requirements, and monitors and reports contractor progress. Manages scope, schedule, budget, and quality of assigned work.

4. Oversees and coordinates contractor work to ensure proper scheduling of activities and to ensure minimal impact to on-going TriMet rail operations. Performs inspections, monitors progress, reports on quality of work, and documents daily progress

5. Witnesses, documents and provides approval of testing of various rail vehicle systems and equipment. Assists in troubleshooting problems that occur during testing.

6. Coordinates with rail operations on design and construction of rail vehicle improvement projects.

7. Performs engineering analyses, writes technical reports, and makes recommendations, as required.

8. Represents TriMet at interagency meetings and proceedings as a technical expert. Attends project meetings, prepares materials, and makes presentations as necessary. Represents the Vehicle Engineering department as directed.

9. Oversees or provides contract change management per TriMet’s established processes including the production of fair cost estimates, cost engineering studies, and cost forecasts required to support negotiations of change orders

10. Independently prepares technical reports, progress reports, special studies, and cost estimates as necessary.

Position Requirements
A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical, Mechanical, Rail Vehicle, or Structural Engineering is required.
A minimum of six (6) years total credited experience.*
Six (6) years of experience in Project Management or Engineering are required.
Two (2) years of experience with lead or project management or staff management are required.

Two (2) years of experience in Transportation, rail or bus transit, aerospace or the automotive industry are preferred.

Two (2) years of experience in large scale projects/programs are preferred.

The following certifications are preferred within 180 days of hire.
Registration as a Professional Engineer (PE) in the State of Oregon.
Certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP).
Certification as a Certified Construction Manager (CCM).

Or any equivalent combination of training and experience.
*The amount of credit a candidate receives for prior years of experience is based on the relevancy of that experience to the required or preferred prerequisites of the job description. Experience is prorated based on hours worked. LRHR assigns and validates the “credited experience”.

Selection Criteria
Type of Position / Grade / FLSA
Grade 18, Exempt, Non-Union, Full-Time
Salary Range
Minimum: $106,163.00
Maximum: $159,245.00
Selection Process
Candidates will be selected based at a minimum on the result of:
1. Application Review (please include: Cover Letter and Resume)
2. Interview
3. Reference Check and Degree Verification

Supplemental Information
Make sure you describe in detail how your education, training and work experience fit with this role. And be encouraged to attach a resume, cover letter, training certificates and/or letters of recommendation with your application. You are permitted five attachments of less than 5MB each.

Internal applicants: Information in your personnel file will not be used in lieu of information requested on your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you are a qualified veteran and would like to apply for veterans’ preference points, you will need to reflect your status on the application and attach supporting documentation at the time of application submission.

TriMet is an equal opportunity employer, committed to developing an organization that is reflective of and sensitive to the needs of the diverse community we serve, including veterans, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.
ADA Statement
As applied to the workplace, applicants and employees must be qualified to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation. Essential functions may include required job functions performed infrequently as well as production standards related to the quality and quantity of work.

If a person with a disability could meet job qualifications with a reasonable accommodation, TriMet will work with the employee to accommodate the need. If TriMet’s accommodation is effective in allowing the employee to perform the essential functions of the job, it need not be the employee’s preferred accommodation.