Mountain Line Transit Authority is looking for a Project Construction Manager to join the team!

We offer great benefits such as :

– Family health, dental and vision insurance

– Company match retirement plan

– Two weeks vacation, 8 paid holidays, 12 days of sick leave

– Longevity pay and company long term disability insurance

-Job Stability

As the Project Construction Manager, this position will be responsible for the management and delivery of Mountain Line Transit Authority construction projects. The project construction manager will proactively manage the project’s budget, schedule, technical requirements, contractual obligations and project communications. The individual will be responsible for procurement and contract management of construction and renovation projects.

  1. Develops and prepares RFP’s, RFQ’s and other procurement tools in accordance with FTA and WV procurement regulations.

    2. Follows the public participation process for all projects.

    3. Searches out and creates an inclusive bidding environment for DBE’s.

    4. Ensures that all WV and FTA requirements are met throughout all project stages.

    5. Manage and monitors work of subcontractors; provides follow up to ensure completion of work and accurate, timely deliveries.

    6. Understand scope of work included in the original pro forma budget and advise management of revisions that may be necessary.

    7. Observes established transit safety and courtesy guidelines;

    8. Provides administrative input, recommendations and constructive criticism as needed;

    9. Promotes an image of professional, courteous service as a representative of the MCUMTA, and

    10. Performs related work and duties as needed or assigned.


Requires a college degree or equivalent education and experience in order to perform daily activities;
Requires previous experience serving in a self-directed and responsible administrative, or other position of similar experience;
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Familiarity of FTA regulations and procurement requirements.
Knowledge of federal programs, grants and requirements.
Requires good grammatical and writing skills;
Requires the ability to perform report writing and accounting duties as demonstrated by education skills and previous experience;
Requires the demonstrated ability to work independently to achieve desired goals and objectives;
Requires experience using a variety of software applications in an office environment
Strong project management skills, results-driven, with ability to manage multiple deadlines
Requires passing a professionally administered pre-employment physical examination certifying employee ability to perform work-related tasks as required.

Desirable Qualifications

A college degree with additional training and emphasis in personnel administration, public administration, accounting, financial management or related industry experience.
Two (2) or more years of experience working in a similar position;
Previous experience in the public sector;
Previous experience in the transportation industry;
Advanced writing skills;
Extensive experience using a variety of software applications in an office environment;
Previous experience dealing with the public in a role of facilitator and mediator to resolve various complaints and issues.