General Summary:

The Rail Car Technician will perform troubleshooting, preventative and corrective maintenance and overhauls to rail transit vehicles, their systems and sub-systems as well as ancillary support and emergency response equipment. The Rail Car Technician will respond to accidents, derailments, and disabled trains on the mainline and provide any needed support to retrieve rail vehicles and return vehicles back to the maintenance facility. The Rail Car Technician may be called upon to provide support for other areas in regards to light rail service, trolley, wayside and public safety and service.


· Work with all members of the rail car maintenance workforce and all related vocations and departments to provide safe, reliable, and clean rail vehicles ready for daily revenue service.

· Responds to rail system emergencies that involve major service delays and/or serious vehicle accidents. Renders whatever remedial action needed to retrieve rail vehicles back to yard and restore service.

· Follows and adheres to all rail car maintenance standards, policies and procedures applicable to the day-to-day operations of the rail cars and revenue service.

· Maintains, troubleshoots and repairs all systems related to rail vehicle systems such as; propulsion, braking, HVAC, automatic train protection, doors, auxiliary power, power collection, pneumatics and hydraulics, trucks, car body, and all maintenance and emergency support equipment using all the necessary tools and equipment to accomplish tasks.

· Performs acceptance testing and pre-service testing of newly acquired rail vehicles as well as needed multi-system tests as required.

· Performs planned maintenance as outlined by the OEM and CATS management.

· Complies with all safety regulations set forth by CATS, OSHA, FTA, FRA, and NCDOT.

· Performs and ensures compliance of all safety and security rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

· All other job-related duties as assigned.


A High School diploma or equivalent with a Certificate in electrical engineering or electrical technology from an accredited Technical School or proof of completion of electrical / electronics training schools in the US Armed Forces or An Associate’s Degree / in mechanical engineering.


Candidate must have 5 years with a high school diploma and 4 years with an AA degree repairing and maintaining complex electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, electro-pneumatic,

electro-hydraulic systems and their systems down to circuit board level or lowest common parts. Experience in the maintenance of Light Rail Vehicles preferred. Welding, cutting, metal fabrication, paint and body experience a plus.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

· Demonstrated knowledge of preventative and corrective maintenance practices.

· Ability to perform testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of complex electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical, and mechanical systems on and as they relate to rail vehicles.

· Safely operate a variety of standard and specialized hand tools and shop power equipment.

· Read, follow and utilize electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic schematics and drawings.

· Follow oral and written instructions with minimal supervision.

· PC skills including all Microsoft Office programs.

· NOTE: See Special Provisions.

Essential Duties:

NOTE: Essential Skills are skills and abilities that candidates must be able to perform or have the ability to perform in the performance of their required duties. Not meeting the requirements or not having the ability to perform essential skills may be grounds for disqualification.

· Ability to communicate effectively and clearly in English both orally and in writing.

· Must be able to accurately document work on logs, spreadsheets, documents and forms as well as utilizing computerized maintenance terminals, personal, laptop and handheld computers.

· Must be computer literate and have the ability to adapt to the use and understanding of existing software and future upgrades.

· Must have the ability to capably use all tools of the trade as well as standard shop and heavy equipment as well as the operation of all rail related heavy equipment and vehicles.

· Must successfully complete all training assignments and maintain qualifications where required.

· Must be able to safely couple, uncouple and operate railcars in the yard and shops.

· Must be able to work in the safety critical environments associated with operation of a rail system.

· Must successfully complete all required training and maintain needed qualifications and employee requirements.

· Must meet Physical and Sensory Requirements and the Special Provisions listed below.

Physical Requirements:

· Ability to lift and carry at least 60 lbs.

· Must be able to manipulate 100 lbs.

· Must be able to stand and walk on uneven surfaces while working.

· Must be able to work while in the following positions or conditions: sitting, bending, twisting, kneeling, reaching, crouching, lying down prone or supine, at shoulder level or above, or any combination listed above.

· Must be able to work at heights on platforms and man lifts.

· Must be able to work in pits and under lifted heavy equipment.

· Must be able to work in all required Personal Protective Equipment and Safety gear.

· Must be able to work in the assigned uniform approved by CATS.

Sensory Requirements:

NOTE: Employees must have the following sensory requirements:

· Speech

· Touch

· Hearing

· Vision – 20/20 or correctable to 20/20 (near, distance and peripheral)

Special Provisions:

· This position is considered “Safety Sensitive” under FTA guidelines.

· Must provide and maintain the standard tools of the trade. CATS will provide all specialty tools.

· Must be available to work irregular hours and shifts depending upon the needs of CATS.

· Must be available to respond to emergencies on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis;

· Must be able to obtain and retain a City Driving Permit throughout employment. .


This position description is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.