General Summary:

Track Maintainer is responsible for preventive maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of rails, embedded track, switches/turnouts, and other track right of way components. These include but are not limited to special track work parts, ballast ties, direct fixation fasteners, rail joints, roadbed drains, floating slabs, crossing pads, and derailers;


Responsible for removing obstructions such as tree limbs, shrubs, weeds, graffiti, or any other element that may affect rail operations or the appearance of the ROW; will be required to operate non-revenue vehicles and high-rail maintenance vehicles and perform specific maintenance on this equipment; will assist the supervisor in maintaining records and reports of work production, procurement, and usage of materials. Must be able perform duties as required.

Will provide emergency response and will be called upon to provide support for other areas in regard to light rail service, special events, trolley, and public safety and service; will assist in an ongoing track inspection program utilizing a computer-reporting system ensuring equipment meets standards, tolerances, and typical adverse conditions that may affect the movement of track;


Requires high school/GED with certification from an accredited technical program in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering; plus 4 years of experience in preventative and corrective track maintenance; Associate’s Degree from an accredited college or technical school in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, plus one (1) year experience in preventative and corrective Track maintenance on an electrified rail transit system or Class I Railroad, preferred;


Must have knowledge of FRA and APTA regulations and standards; knowledge of and ability to use track maintenance tools such as rail drill, rail saw, tamping, jacks, and hand tools; must comply with all safety regulations set forth by CATS, OSHA, FTA, FRA, and NCDOT as they apply to CATS LRT; must be able to pass a pre-employment physical.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

· Candidate must be able to plan and follow direction.

· Candidates must pass an entrance assessment to demonstrate knowledge in regard to areas listed under responsibilities and associated job competencies in order to be considered for the oral portion of the review process.

· Candidates must successfully pass the required training as defined by the areas of responsibilities and CATS.

· Demonstrate knowledge of preventative and corrective maintenance practices.

· Perform troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of complex components.

· Safely operate a variety of standard and specialized hand tools and shop power equipment.

· Read, follow and utilize electrical, electronic, and mechanical drawings.

· Ability to communicate effectively and clearly in English both orally and in writing.

· PC skills including all Microsoft Office programs.

· Must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to attain a North Carolina Commercial driver license within the timelines outlined by CATS and the City of Charlotte, NC, USA.

Physical Requirements:

· Ability to lift and carry at least 60 lbs.

· Must be able to manipulate 100 lbs.

· Must be able to stand and walk on uneven surfaces while working.

· Must be able to sit, bend, twist, kneel, reach, crouch, lying down prone or supine, at shoulder level or above or any combination listed while performing work.

· Ability to work at and above shoulder level.

· Must be able to work in all required Personal Protective Equipment and Safety gear.

· Must be able to work in the assigned uniform approved by CATS.

· Must be able to work in all weather conditions.

· Must be able to work at heights on platforms and man lifts.

Sensory Requirements:

· Speech

· Touch

· Hearing

· Vision – vision must be 20/20 or correctable to 20/20 (near, distance and peripheral


FLSA Status – Nonexempt

Band –

Job Code – 288500

Location – 82441

Duties specific to this position

1. Candidate will be required to work irregular hours and shifts depending upon the needs of CATS.

2. Candidates may be required to respond to emergencies on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis.

3. Must complete six (6) month probationary period.

4. Position in this classification is considered “Safety Sensitive” under Federal Transit Administration (FTA) drug and alcohol regulations.

5. Ability to communicate effectively and clearly in English both orally and in writing.

6. Must be able to document work on logs, spreadsheets, documents and forms as well as utilizing computerized maintenance terminals, personal, laptop and handheld computers.

7. Must be computer literate and have the ability to adapt to the use and understanding of existing software and future upgrades.

8. Must be able to work in safety critical and high voltage environments associated with operation of a rail system.

9. Must successfully complete all training assignments and maintain qualifications where required.