RATP Dev USA – Your future. Our destination.
We are transit. We make distances feel shorter and bring people together. We are a community.
Do you see yourself finding solutions to make distances feel shorter? Are you seeking to make an impactful difference and where you bring people together? If so, come join our team where you are part of a community, not just an employee.
At RATP Dev USA, we seek to foster a culture where people feel valued, where their voices are heard, and their needs are a priority. We value diversity and inclusion, as well as people who are collaborative and seek solutions which make an impactful difference within our teams, the company, and for our clients and the communities we serve.
Our RATP Dev USA Safety Culture prioritizes the well-being of our employees, clients, passengers, and communities we serve. They are the heart of our business and ensuring all can return home to their families and friends safe and without injury is what we strive to do.
Through our diverse cultural experiences, we bring innovative transportation solutions. We possess a shared commitment and responsibility to our communities to provide our operational expertise and services in leading quality and safety best practices in everything we do with integrity, honesty, and sustainability.

Your future with RATP Dev USA:
Our Core Values:
• People:
People are at the heart of our business: employees, clients, passengers, and the communities we serve.
• Diversity:
We draw on experience across cultures, generations, and oceans to encourage innovative transportation solutions.
• Responsibility & Accountability:
We provide services steeped in professionalism, integrity, honesty, sustainability and accountability.
• Quality:
Our operational expertise and industry leading best practices promote quality service and lasting partnerships.
• Safety:
Above all, we are committed to safety and security in everything we do.

Our destination:
To develop and optimize public transit systems, but also to boost the economy and quality of life, in order to make distances feel shorter and bring people together. -Hiba Farès, President of the Exec


People are at the heart of our business. We lead by example in promoting and ensuring we maintain a strong safety culture, where strict adherence to risk mitigation and safety/security protocols of our employees, passengers, clients, and communities is critical.

We are seeking a highly conscientious, accountable Safety and Training Manager. Someone who seeks the physical and mental well-being of all our employees, clients, passengers, and community members. Someone who is relentless in communicating the importance of safety in
everything we do. Safety is more than a message, it is our first core value, and it’s what influences all decisions. The safety leader will model desired behaviors in their actions by wearing the proper protective equipment and following the safety guidelines. They will set the example and the mindset that safety is our company’s priority!

They will oversee and develop policies and programs related to the safety and security of all personnel, equipment, and facilities. This position provides direction and guidance to supervisors and front-line staff establishing and emphasizing a culture of safety and customer service. An important role of this position is the responsibility of establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with other transit departments, city departments, subordinates, and the public to promote and maintain an effective and efficient, and safe public transit service. Ensures the administration and formulation of safety policies/procedures, programs, and practices. Includes managing and coaching the performance of front-line supervisors, managers, and administrative staff.


Critical components:
A highly conscientious leader who:
• Promotes a diverse and inclusive, positive, respectful, and healthy work environment.
• Has accountability
• Excels in Communications
• Promotes Safety
• Has expertise and technical knowledge
• Has Trust and Credibility
• Is Result Driven
• Decision Making

Preferred Education and Experience:
Essential Functions / Process Responsibilities include the following: other duties may be assigned as necessary:

• Bachelor’s degree with coursework in Education/Business Administration/Management/Safety, or
equivalent experience.
• 5-10 or more years managerial position directing duties and/or responsibilities of supervisory staff.
• Expertise in the systems, policies, procedures, and regulations that apply to the transit system.

• Hold or acquire all licenses and certificates necessary for training which should include, at a minimum, certification to train CPR, First Aid, and ability to provide Drug and Alcohol Awareness; experience administering driver training.
• Understanding of regulations set forth by applicable DOT, FTA, Homeland Security, OSHA, EEOC, ADA, NLRA, FLSA and any other regulatory entity that may apply.
• Detailed knowledge of the geographical layout of the transit area of operation.
• Knowledge of communication equipment and the proper use thereof.
• Knowledge of all safety equipment and the operation and maintenance thereof.
• Ability to present facts and recommendations effectively in oral and written communication.
• Ability to apply independent judgment and initiative in developing solutions.
• Expertise of the systems, policies, procedures, and regulations that apply to the transit system.
• Driver training.
• Conducts data analysis and reporting to support safety initiatives and identify loss trends; reviews analyses of accident/incident losses to determine patterns that can be corrected to progress toward stated goals and objectives.
• Investigates accidents and incidents to understand causes, makes recommendations, and takes preventive steps to avoid recurrences.
• Extensive knowledge of driving and motor vehicle laws and regulations.
• Extensive knowledge of driving and motor vehicle laws and regulations.
• Proficient in MS Word, Internet, Outlook, Excel; PowerPoint is a plus.

Safety & Compliance

• Administers, develops, recommends, and implements various safety policies and procedures.
• Administers all new hire training, re-training, and compliance training for system employees, including vehicle operations.
• Updating all SDS sheets
• Develops and administers new training in response to changes and modifications to equipment and policy.
• Updates the Emergency Action & Evacuation Plan for system
• Investigates and reviews vehicular accidents to determine preventability; assists in claims management.

• Excellent interpersonal and public communication skills.
• Maintains and oversees all safety and safety-related equipment in the fleet and facility.
• Manages or assists in matters relating to Worker’s Compensation, Drug & Alcohol, and Employee Assistance Programs to ensure the agency’s compliance and employee concerns are handled in a timely manner.
• Directs all Safety/Security Programs, including training-related programs and supervisory responsibilities.

Business Acumen
• Analyzes data and records to identify areas in need of improvement or areas that are excelling.
• Prepares and formulates written correspondence, operational safety bulletins, and notices.
• Diligence and precision in record keeping, ensuring all training is scheduled, performed, and kept up to date.