The Transit Grants Financial Analyst is responsible for the tracking of grant expenditures and works closely with the finance department to ensure timely drawdown of grant funds for both the City and sub-recipients. The position is responsible for ensuring that expenditures are eligible for reimbursement, and that records of expenditures and other documentation is routinely maintained to comply with FTA regulations and audit requirements.

The Transit Grants Financial Analyst will manage all details of the pre- and post-award grant administration for both the City and sub-recipients. Sub-recipients include four counties within the Asheville Metropolitan Area for which the City provides administrative services and grant oversight. In doing so, the Transit Grants Financial Analyst will utilize FTA’s Transit Grant Award Management System (TRAMS) to manage and submit reporting and budgetary information to FTA and respond to requests for information from FTA staff. The Transit Grants Financial Analyst will ensure that information in TRAMS is consistent with the approved scope of work and budget and that any revisions are approved by FTA. Sub-recipient support includes performing site-visits and conducting regular meetings with sub-recipient staff to ensure awarded grants are managed appropriately.

The Transit Grants Financial Analyst will also provide support to the division in preparing grant applications, developing budgets and scopes of works for grants, and assisting with procurement of transit-related purchases per FTA guidelines and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements. The position will also support the FTA Triennial Review process and development of the finance department’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report as appropriate.


Administers the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) program grants including formula fund grants, and discretionary grants for transit operations and capital purchases.

Ensures compliance with federal and FTA requirements regarding contracting, procurement, and allowable expenses, depending on grant source.

Obtains required information internally and externally to draft documents for grant applications in TRAMS.

Reviews files and programs for contractors and subrecipients to verify that the contract or subrecipient is suitable and following FTA regulations for grant funds.

Reconciles and conducts financial analysis of federal grants awarded to the City and oversees the disbursement of funds to subrecipients; may perform associated accounting and financial work.

Monitors grant expenditures to ensure actual expenditures do not exceed the projected expenditures and that expenditures are allowable based on the source of funds.

Prepare the monthly Federal drawdowns for submission to the finance department for submission in the ECHO system for Federal funds.
Prepare grant amendments and/or revisions for electronic submission to the FTA in TRAMS; distribute approved revisions and amendments.

Monitor project budgets and utilization of local matching funds.

Coordinates and works with the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization to ensure that City transit grants are appropriately identified in the Metropolitan and State Transportation Improvement Program.
Administers the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program as part of ongoing procurement processes for the Division.

Utilizes FTA and North Carolina Department of Transportation system software to apply for and track grants

Develops departmental grant policies and procedures, as needed; reviews existing policies to ensure compliance with the Federal Transit Administration.

Develops documentation for grants to ensure appropriate management of documents represents accurate records of grant management.

Compiles information related to each grant to justify the use of the grant funding, develops reports to report back to the granting agency, as required.
Provides justification and summaries on the use of grant funds; develops federal and milestone reports for each grant.

Conducts cost/price analyses and gathers information required for independent cost estimates as necessary for procurement purposes.
Develops quarterly reports and other reports as needed.

Maintains files and records and ensures compliance with local, state and federal recordkeeping requirements.

Provides ongoing support to the Transportation Department as it pertains to financial and grant management.

Participates in cross-departmental teams focusing on meeting federal regulations as well as serving as a strategic partner for future transportation needs.

Identifies, researches and recommends new potential sources of funding and grant assistance for transit.

May attend meetings and training that pertain to the position and function.


Advanced knowledge of procedures and practices to analyze and resolve unusual or difficult problems.

Considerable knowledge of grant management and administration.

General knowledge of public transportation.

General knowledge of basic accounting practices.

General knowledge of business writing.

Skills and Abilities:

Ability to read, summarize and/or compare general workplace data and graphics, such as flow charts, spreadsheets, maps, tables, etc.
Ability to conduct research of existing, internal policies and procedures.
Ability to compile data into a formal report or recommendation shared with others and often verbally presented.
Ability to quickly absorb and process grant and financial information to assist the department as needed.
Ability to think creatively in all areas for the purpose of increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
Ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written form.
Ability to research program documents and narrative materials, and develop reports from information gathered.
Ability to analyze situations to pinpoint problems and assist with solving problems or identifying sources of obstacles.
Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships as required by work assignments.
Ability to work independently with limited supervision.
Ability to analyze and interpret policy and procedural guidelines and to apply this understanding to tasks.
Ability to bring resources together to resolve a problem or provide a solution.