Under general direction, implements and oversees the RTA transit Element projects, including the Sun Shuttle and Sun Shuttle Dial-a-ride operations contracts. This includes budget development, short- and long-term service and cost forecasting. Develops and implements and coordinates the travel demand management and mobility elements of the Overall Work Program (OWP) including but not limited to the rideshare, vanpool, school pool, Guaranteed Ride Home, and other programs designed to expand the range of viable transportation options within the community, improve system operations, reduce congestions, and auto emissions as create cost effective transportation options. Must possess knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to Transit Grants and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


Develop strategic plans and manage activities related to the region’s Travel Demand Management Program which includes Sun Rideshare, the vanpool program, school pool program and Guaranteed Ride Home.
Prepares and monitors contracts for the operation of the Sun Shuttle fixed-route and dial-a-ride services.
Seeks and responds to grant opportunities for both rural and urban transit services, including but not limited to FTA Sec 5307, 5311, 5339 and Lo-No grant opportunities, received as sub-recipients, as well as managing their implementation.
Leads the Transit Working Group, which develops the transit component of the PAG region 5-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) and presents the transit TIP to the Transportation Planning Committee and Region Council/RTA Board for approval.
Collaborate and coordinate service providers with local organizations and jurisdictions to identify transportation options and strategies that improve access to jobs for low wage and disabled workers.
Manage development and implement of various TDM concepts, strategies, projects, and programs to reduce congestion and auto emissions.
Develop and manage annual overall work plan and budget for the Travel Demand and Mobility Management elements of the Overall Work Program.
Monitor and assess the potential application of relevant practices and technologies that advance TDM programs and make them more accessible and user friendly.
Identify and monitor related issues of local, regional, and statewide interest.
Oversee and manage activities necessary to meet agency responsibilities as the designated recipient for implementation of the 5310 programs, including oversight of the required National Transit Data (NTD) reporting.


At a minimum, requires combination of knowledge, skills and abilities to perform duties AND EITHER a graduate degree with two years of related experience OR an undergraduate degree with four years of related experience OR equivalent in Mass Transit.

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