Community Transit is a public transportation leader for the Puget Sound Region. Each weekday up to 40,000 passengers rely on us to bring them home. It takes a dedicated team of employees who are passionate about the passenger to make this happen. At Community Transit our vision is together, we will do the extraordinary so that people will always think transit first.

This position reports to the Vehicle Maintenance Manager and has the responsibility and authority for decision making and control of day-today operations in Vehicle Maintenance. Primary duties include supervising staff, monitoring department procedures, individual and division performance to ensure compliance with Safety, Agency and Government regulations.

Position assists in the development of the division budget and monitors and authorizes expenditures. Position establishes and adjusts work schedules and staffing levels to maximize assigned staff to meet program needs analyzes reports and takes corrective actions; hires, counsels, develops and disciplines employees, monitoring performance and ensuring training and development.

1. Supervises all servicing and maintenance activities in the fueling, repair, preventative maintenance, component rebuild and body repair functions. Using knowledge and expertise; monitors repair procedures and documentation to ensure safe, efficient, and effective repairs are accomplished by all employees. Monitors operations of nearly 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week facility through personal supervision and subordinate shop leads. Monitors performance standards and expectations in a collaborative manner and implements corrective action as needed. Motivates, coaches & counsels employees towards active and responsible participation in daily work that aligns with department and company values. Deals with sensitive and difficult personnel matters in a confidential and professional manner. Develops performance and training opportunities for leads and crew members as needed.

2. In conjunction with the Vehicle Maintenance Manager, reviews and analyzes performance information related to the Department, including labor hours and cost, payroll data, fluids and fuel reconciliation, mileage, road calls, preventative maintenance, warranties, and inventory. Identifies trends and implements corrective action to address areas of need and maintain compliance with State and Federal Regulations.

3. Hires, supervises, counsels, and disciplines employees up to and including termination; resolves grievances at first step if possible; researches and provides documentation for responses to grievances; advises grievance solutions to Managers and Directors; may appear at hearings and arbitration as required.

4. Advises/assists with the development of the budget, equipment and personnel requirements. Monitors budget, authorizes and delegates expenditures as assigned.

5. Monitors vendor performance to ensure company requirements are met. Coordinates and negotiates with vendor/suppliers/contractors to resolve issues with warranty repairs and recovery, equipment performance, purchases and supplies. Liaise with vendors and contractors. Conduct quality assurance and quality control as appropriate.

6. Develops performance and training requirements for supervisors and employees. Develops work schedules and overtime assignments to meet operational requirements. Determines needs and procures the appropriate tools, equipment, supplies and training necessary for shop operations. Manages Apprentice Mechanics to confirm their qualifications throughout apprenticeship.

7. Assists in developing business practices, rules and regulations for the operations of the Maintenance Department. Analyzes changes in budget, fleet size, facility requirements, assigned staff and policies or programs and advises Managers and Director of recommended changes.

8. Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.

Minimum Qualifications

• Associate degree or two years of technical/vocational training in fleet maintenance

• Three years’ experience in Journey level vehicle maintenance

• Three years’ experience in general supervisory (or lead) experience.

An equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above maybe considered.


1. Supervisory experience directly supervising union represented employees.

2. Transit related experience.